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And the parents can get in trouble for allowing it to happen.Everyone will really get in trouble if she ends up pregnant. And they couldn't possibly have anything in common unless he's a child himself...it's still illegal tho Ask the guys with statutory rape charges and being put on the sex offender registry If its illegal! And the parents can get in trouble for allowing it to happen. He owns his own successful business although he still lives with parents.I know its only 8 years difference but it's the difference between him being at an age where he must be thinking about starting a family, marriage, etc and her starting out in life. Do I let them get on with it or should I try to explain my above concerns at the risk of pushing them together? Based on the logic, it shows that "Reductio ad absurdum." I was 19 and ran off with a 27 year old woman from America. My mother disowned me and we didn't speak for a year. I was reckless and foolish and as an adult 20 years later I can easily recognize this.She continues because the feelings she has are too strong. But I would be careful in how you deliver your feelings. Outline your concerns but let your daughter know you love and support her and that it is only natural for you to be worried.

I just think that, at their ages, they cannot possibly have anything in [email protected] Fattie, I am not a native speaker, but isn't that contradictory to OP: "he must be thinking about starting a family, marriage, etc and her starting out in life." Well -- I feel that it totally contradicts the earlier "I can only think he's with her for one reason! My relationship with my wife lasted 16 years and produced 3 lovely children. However, as MY children reach their teenage years I of course see everything from the perspective as a parent.I think the most important thing to do is not push your daughter away with any shouting matches or 'you are doing the wrong thing' this is what my mother did and although she was doing her best in a difficult situation - the shouting and threats simply pushed me away further.Her residence is legally South Carolina (living with her mother) but my son and his girl only see each other in the state of North Carolina (when she comes in to visit her father).He met her when she was 15 and he was 21, although she lied at that time and told him she was 18.

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After their relationship began she revealed her true age and her mother became infuriated (understandably so) and he backed off from seeing her until she turned 16.

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