Deception from ancient empires to internet dating

The rulers simply did their job with tradition, pragmatism and familial wisdom.

So a rich, fully articulated analysis of the western social and political system has been unavailable to us, other than Plato’s – and he was tragically wrong.

This list is my attempt to cover the body of ‘scientific’ political thought: writing that is based upon the record of what humans actually do, rather than what we fantasize that they should do.

I also try to be consistent in avoiding appeals to sentiments, and instead, limit selections to rational or scientific arguments.

There have been a number of ‘Great Books’ lists, in an effort to develop a western, or even world canon .

These lists start by sharing a desire for freedom, and at some point for democracy, and finally, evolve to a desire for communism.

As the essays make clear, deception touches virtually every aspect of our lives; in fact, recent psychological research suggests that we each tell at least two to three lies per day.

Books prices are provided by the merchants and My Shopping assumes no responsibility for accuracy of price information.Product specifications are obtained from merchants or third parties and although we make every effort to present accurate information, My Shopping is not responsible for inaccuracies.that is not lying, and it is more difficult to isolate and regulate than lying; (iii) deception is inevitably linked to trust as well as to truth; (iv) deception normally involves interaction between two or more parties; (v) in Judeo-Christian cultures there is both endorsement and condemnation of deception; (vi) in non-Western cultures deception is seen in a positive light.They are not scientific, but merely moral appeals for power.As such they are sentimental and political propaganda and little more than efforts to seize political power or seize assets from the aristocracy by promoting redistribution, collectivism and democracy, using derivatives of Christian arguments.

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