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The journey, which sees Jama buffeted by the terrifying demographics of famine, internecine conflict, and Mussolini's army - a cruel, occupying master - drives him into the heart of Eritrea where his father is rumoured to be.

This country becomes the locus of all the love he has lost and may find, and only a child's boundless hope keeps him from losing heart.

His rite-of-passage is the lesson he learns in how to be a father in a way his own failed to be.Lets update then: Big picture: Western Europe Tinder primary, Badoo secondary Eastern Europe Tinder primary, Badoo secondary but better than in western europe South America Tinder and Badoo evenly (from what I've heard) Africa ????????? Unknown North America Tinder primary, secondary???? Maybe it is not on Apple store as Korea manufactures Samsung and everyone hates I-phones?Unknown except South Africa South East Asia Tinder primary, Badoo secondary but still does the job. @frankiecred: added happn to Brasil @kidtwist & @Linux added Serbia General dynamics Tinder is taking over.Reuniting the talents of Ben Voss (BEAUTY RAMAPELEPELE) and John van de Ruit (SPUD), MAMBA REPUBLIC takes a savagely funny look at all that is wrong and very wrong in the Rainbow Nation.With their unique blend of sharp wit, hopeless optimism and clever characterisation, the duo sinks their fangs into the fiascos, farces and foibles of South African life.

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An enthusiastic Voss stated of this reunion show: MAMBA REPUBLIC plays the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre in Dubran from 16 May - 4 June and is due to travel to the National Arts Festival in July, the Auto & General Theatre on the Square in August and The Hilton Arts Festival in September.

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