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Recently I’ve had an influx of new clients complaining to me about the lack of good prospects in the nation’s capitol.Of course, there’s nothing new about women complaining about men. What’s interesting to me is that instead of the gripes running the gamut, (he’s not tall enough, not smart enough, not funny enough) the complaints I’ve been hearing more recently all share one common theme.My friends and I would talk for hours about life and relationships.Somehow we figured out what worked and didn't work.But this is 2010, so is it really fair of us to expect a guy to still “call on” us like the old days? Today it’s pretty standard for the man to pay for a first date.Even if the woman offers, it is common knowledge that if he wants to see her again, he won’t let her get past the wallet reach.And later, if the two people are not compatible, then the dater can click a button and quickly move on to the next candidate.If they used the traditional method of dating then they would have to waste time and go on several dates.

However, what makes traditional dating best is the boundary and purpose that courtship provides. In traditional dating, couples were introduced to each other by a friend and relative, or they met in a social activity such as their local church, school or family reunion.Many times we wanted to kick ourselves for being so darn stupid!We realized, as you soon will, that relationships are easy when you enter into them with your eyes and ears wide open and leave the feelings at the door.Traditional dating is not only based in a feeling or a rush gut reaction.It gives the couple the opportunity to know each other before they decide to start a relationship with a good foundation and with the consent or the supervision of parents, congregation (Pastor or Co-Pastor) or a Mentor at times.

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Most other women would not fight her logic, but as the relationship progresses, Patricia expects the same kind of treatment.

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