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This will let you skip the pet selection process when doing pet pvp battles. Lastly, setup your macroing program to spam the appropriate key for the appropriate instance of wow, target the other toon, and go afk for a few hours. I'm not sure exactly how long since I did multiple sittings to do this.

And just as the removal of content is something of an age old tradition, so is using the lull before a new expansion to farm up those last few achievements, to waste time grinding that one rep that's about to be removed, or farming a dungeon to get that one last piece of that old tier .5 gear that you won't be able to get anymore to complete your set.

Almost all new content, with the exception of Pet Battles, the Fall of Theramore and Heroic SM and Scholomance, is Pandaria-based.

The pets have been changed significantly since the 1.2 update.

But so far, as the release date for Mists rapidly approaches, I'm yet to see a list of exactly what's going away, which is of course, an important tool before engaging in such an exercise. I'm especially interested in titles, achievements, mounts and pets, but any notable reputations, set items or cosmetic items, are of course worth mentioning as well.

Can't cite sources but it will be likely that ' I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am' is removed (I have heard rumours that this will be a Fo S), and the drop chance of Pureblood Firehawk/Lifebinders' Handmaiden nerfed to a similar level as Invincible was at the start of Cataclysm.

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